Waiting to Start Their Own Categories

These didn't quite fit into the other themes,
so they're waiting for me to find them some friends. :)

This one is made of mahogany
and one of my more "serious" looking tissue box covers :)

This box was etched by burning the wood.

This box is inlaid with mahogany, rose, olive,
walnut, cedar woods and mother of pearl.

Faux marble in a sort of Greek style

This is a clear plastic tissue box cover.
It doesn't really go with the rest of my tissue boxes, but I bought it because I found it very funny.
I call it my "What's the point?" tissue box cover. ;)

Tupperware brand
although it's too bad it doesn't look like a piece of Tupperware

Shells made of a ceramic type material

Battenburg lace

Opens up to hold toilet paper too!
One of my more well-rounded and talented pieces :)

These are not Longaberger baskets
(I should probably get one of those sometime though)
The one on the right has room on the right side for a spare box of tissue

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