Household Things

The Living Room

The Couches -
just like my own place, the furniture doesn't match :)-

These clocks really work!

the Piano

This was a 2001 birthday present from my boyfriend's parents

More Books
in case you're curious,
the titles are The Great Gatsby,
Vanity Fair, and
the Scarlet Letter

The Kitchen

The tissues come out the top half.
The bottom half holds the paper towels.

Campbell's Soup tissue box holder.
It really is a tissue box holder.
The person who sold it on ebay said it was only given to sales representatives.

Here are the instructions
"How to refill your Campbell's Soup tissue can"
(I know it's hard to read, but you get the idea).

A teapot with teacups
I bought this one from AJ Design International (carries tissue box covers and other bed and bath items)

Another teapot

The Bedroom

Can you guess what this is?
A hint is that there's a windup screw on the right side.
It's a music box that plays "I Could Have Danced All Night" from My Fair Lady
The latch on the right side turns the music box on and off.

the set of drawers
(bottom ones actually open)

a dresser with an actual mirror

For the bed on the top, you lift the blanket to get a tissue
otherwise the blanket will lay flat and hide the tissues

The Bathroom

If you press the red buttons on each appliance
it makes razor, flush, sink,
gargling mouthwash, hairdryer, and mirror cracking noises

Yes, there really are some more!

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