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This is the Fresh Fields grocery store across the street from the townhouses.

I'm standing in the parking lot of Fresh Fields grocery store. This is a picture of the first set of 10 townhouses that you can see from across the street. They're building these first. The brick one in the picture is a smaller townhouse than mine. My townhouse is in the third set of 10 townhouses that they're building.

closer picture.

To the right of these townhouses they're building and across the street from Fresh fields grocery store is going to be a shopping center. the building in the middle will be Barnes and Noble bookstore.

This is a picture of the yard in the middle of the first set of 10 townhouses. There's going to be grass and sidewalks in the middle.

This is another picture of the courtyard for the first 10 townhouses.

These are the foundation walls for the 4 or 5 townhouses on my side. My townhouse is included in those walls. The townhouses that already have wood roofs behind there are from the second set of 10 townhouses. The crane in the back and the big wall in the picture is the side of the shopping center.